Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Reflections (Day 1)


By using photoshop, I found it interesting that we can draw, and make it so realistic that we can draw costumes onto ourselves. 
First of all, I can learn how to use a tablet to draw on the computer. I have been wishing to learning to use one since i learnt that we could draw on photoshop. I also would like to learn how to blend in colors digitally, and how to make them look realistic. 
What is the difference between photoshop and traditional pen and paper?
What is a good brand for tablets?
Should we invest in getting photoshop?

Plenary Sessions

From the first (Earth Science) Plenery Session, I learnt that there are such things as “super-cycles” where the land sinks over a long period of time, then rises. By following this pattern, we can predict when would the land rise and fall, and earthquakes and tsunamis. This is important as we can plan out quick evacuation routes
From the second session, I learnt that 2D was much harder to do as they have to do it frame by frame. Although it is very labour intensive, and high in cost, I think that it is worth it, especially to me, an anime fan, as the visuals are spectacular. 
From the third session, I learnt that nano technology needs strong knowledge in the 3 fields of science, physics, chem, bio. I realize that we cant just do one subject, we must expand our horizons so that we have a wider skill set.

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