Friday, 7 June 2013

Individual Reflections (Day 3)

The NTU flagship camp was a real eye-opener. After the Digital Painting session we had, I became more curious about what more we can do with photoshop, how can we further improve our skills? Professor Martin says that improvement in skills could only come after having more experience, so practice makes perfect!

Not only I learnt more about photoshop, I learnt how to be more independent, to rely less on my parents and my domestic helper. If being 3 days there could be so tiring without them, how would I last 1-2 years in a hostel? Living in the east, and most universities being in the west, I will most likely live in a hostel. This program has given me an insight into university life. Being with friends, doing work together, helping each other, it seems really nice.

 I enjoyed this camp a lot, as it has also given me a sneak peek into the type of courses and careers that I would want to pursue. Art is very important to me, but it may not be the things I want to do in the future. This camp has made me consider a career in graphic design, as I really enjoyed just sitting there for hours and working away, completing another (hopefully) great piece of art....

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